Episode 23: Spotify v. Apple and Microsoft’s Cross-platform Ambitions

In this episode, Shawn and Ross look at the dynamics at play in the competitive dispute between Spotify and Apple as well as major trends in the games market such as Microsoft’s cross-platform ambitions. Finally, in our Lightning Round, Garmin makes its Marq on luxury watches, Lyft justifies its scooter and bike push, and Google Docs makes sure kids get the message.

Episode 20: Amazon’s purchase of eero, Apple’s Next Event, and Amazon Breaks Up with NYC

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin delve into Amazon’s purchase of eero and what it means for access to Alexa. Next, we look at the promise of Apple’s services launch in March and its potential for publishers. Ross and Shawn then talk about their hometown dynamics and how they contributed to Amazon’s decision to leave New York City but stay in Virginia. Finally, no prefabricated cubicle can shield you from the excitement of the new Techspansive Lightning Round.

Episode 18: Digital Assistants Spell Change for Hardware and Services

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin look at the rising role of the hearable within consumer tech ecosystems and what they mean as companies such as Apple increasingly embrace services. Plus, we’ll discuss how Apple’s focus on privacy could pay off should it become a major  healthcare player and some of the experiments by major and fringe smartphone vendors in advance of Mobile World Congress later this month.

Episode 14: End of Year Grading for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin hand out report cards to five big tech ecosystem companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We’ll discuss some of their biggest highlights and lowlights and assign a final grade for the year as well as consider what’s in store for them in 2019.

Episode 13: How Good if your Voice Agent Anyways?

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin discuss the implications of recent tests that show how well major voice agents fare when asked a range of questions across topics and what Apple’s promotion of a recent Google hire to the executive team might mean for the future of its AI efforts. Also, on the day that AT&T launches its mobile 5G network, we share some thoughts about what the long-awaited wireless standard means in the short-term and what applications it may enable in years to come.

Episode 11: Apple Music on Echo and Stories on YouTube and Instagram

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin look at Apple and Amazon working together to get Apple Music on Amazon Echo devices and what it means for Apple’s continued moves into content. Plus, we look at the impact of Stories in social media as Instagram moves to reign in anonymous “finsta” accounts with its “close friends” feature and YouTube provides another way for its top content producers to reach out to their audiences with the ephemeral post format.

Episode 8: Apple’s Brooklyn Event, Earnings, The Future of Communication, First look at Black Friday

In this episode, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin dive in to Apple’s recent launch of the iPad Pro and what it means for the future of the tablet market. Also, a look at multiparty video chat and its impact on a younger generation. Finally, why the talk of Black Friday may be coming from the Echo Dot and Google Home mini.

Episode 7: Palm is Back!, Smart Glasses are (trying to be) cool again, and Tim Cook on Privacy

In this week’s podcast, Shawn DuBravac and Ross Rubin weigh the pros and cons of Palm’s new phone that is more than a smartphone but not intended to be a primary smartphone. The sleek device should attract those willing to pay a premium for a calmer and lighter mobile experience. We also talk about the new Focus smart glasses and compare its trade-offs to other augmented reality products to advance the early work of Google Glass. And we close out with a discussion of Tim Cook’s comments about privacy to the EU and how they fit into Apple’s positioning.